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Swift CRG

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The SWIFT, CRG Replica Axle has been 8 months in the making. These axles are an alternative to some of the most popular OEM CRG axles at a price that won't break the bank. Made in Italy from the same materials as the CRG axle to immitate the handling features. There are currently 5 models available with possibly more on the horizon. This axle uses the same keyway as the OEM CRG axle.
50mm Diameter, 1040mm Length
Stiffness: T5, T2, M20, T1, T3, & S25 (M20 comes stock in a CRG Chassis)
T3  Soft
S25 Medium-Soft
M20 Medium / (M20 comes stock in a CRG Chassis)
T1 Medium Hard
T2 Hard
T5 Extra Hard
Axle Keys are not included:
Hub Keyway uses 2 of Our Item #KCR01
#219 Sprocket Carrier Keyway uses 1 of our Item #KCR01
#428 Sprocket Keyway uses 1 of our Item  #KCR02
Brake Carrier Keyway uses 1 of our Item #KCR01
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