SmartyCam HD


Technical specifications
Video format H.264 1280x720 pixel @ 30 fps
Display resolution 128x128 pixel
Lens Telecentric with 6 elements
Angle of view Narrow or Wide HFOV
Internal battery Rechargeable lithium battery - 1.950 mAh
Battery charge 700 mAh 12V
Battery duration 120 '- 150' of recording
External power 9-15 Volt
Memory Up to 128 Gb
Memory capability 1.5 Gb (1 hour low quality recording)
2 Gb (1 hour medium quality recording)
4 Gb (1 hour high quality recording)
Accelerometer Tri-axial ?¤ 5G
Usage temperatures -10??C/+60??C
Auto Power ON Yes, if connected to an AiM logger
Auto Power OFF Yes
Auto Start/Stop Recording Yes
Dimensions 87x63x49 mm
Weight 280 g, battery included
Waterproof IP67

In the box

  • SmartyCam HD
  • 4 Gb HC10 SD Card 
  • CAN Cable of External Power Cable
  • Battery Charger
  • USB/AC power adapter
  • CD for Software Install
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