Sharkshifter Rok, ICC, KZ,Clutch Cable


Vortex Rok,ICC And Many KZ,  Clutch Cable designed by Sharkshifter Specifically for the European Kz engines for shifter kart application

Clutch Cable includes  mid adjuster / Cable Clamp & Clevis  Highest quality cable housing tefon lined
Overall Housing length is 56" / 142 CM
Overall Inner Clutch Cable is 70" / 177.8 CM

Engine Application

TM ICC models - K9, K9a, K9B, K9C, KZ10, KZ10a, KZ10B, KZ10C, K9ES, K10ES
Maxter models - MXO, MXV, MXS
Vortex models - RoK Shifter, RVX

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