Vortex ROK VLR Engine 100cc


The ROK VLR is the perfect engine for the entry-level driver, the ROK VLR not only offers superior performance over its rivals with lower maintenance, but it also offers some great features like electric start. All at a cost racers can afford.

The new ROK VLR engine was designed solely with club racers in mind, whether it’s a new racer getting into karting, or for those looking to move up from a four-cycle powerplant. Great for the racer that wants to update their current 100cc to a state-of-the-art engine package. The new ROK VLR engine comes complete ready to race minus the engine mount.The ROK VLR engine can be utilized in Junior VLR (ages 12-15), Senior VLR (ages 15+) and Masters VLR (ages 32+).
Measurement Tolerances
  • Volume of cylinder: 98.53 cc 100cc MAX
  • Original bore: 48.20 mm ±0.2
  • Theoretical maximum bore: 48.53 mm MAX
  • Stroke: 54.00 mm ± 0.2 mm
  • Cooling system: AIR-COOLED
  • Number of carburation systems: 1
  • Number of transfer ports/ducts,cylinder/sump: 3
  • Number of exhaust ports/ducts: 1+2 (1 elliptical port plus 2 boosters)
  • Shape of combustion chamber: Spherical with squish
  • Length between axes of the Connecting rod: 102 mm ± 0.2 mm
  • Minimum weight of connecting rod: 115 g MIN
  • Volume of combustion chamber: 9.2 cc MIN
  • Type of bearings and size Conrod big end bearing: 20x26x15, Conrod small end bearing: 14x18x17, Crankshaft bearings: 25x52x15

    OPENING ANGLES (all mesurement done with 0.20mm feeler gauge)
    Tolerances: Inlet 126° ± 2°, Exhaust 164° ± 2°
  • Carburetor Butterfly valve/24 mm
  • Generator for battery
  • Charging: On board
  • Electric starter: On board
  • Exhaust with flex: Exhaust with silencer
  • Cylinder AL – SI ALLOY
  • Connecting rod NI – CR – MO STEEL
  • Crankshaft NI – CR – MO STEEL 
  • Head AL – SI ALLOY
  • Liner IRON
  • Crankcase AL – SI ALLOY
  • Piston AL – SI ALLOY
  • Piston Ring STEEL OR IRON
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