Vortex Rok Shifter 125cc Shifter Engine

Rok Shifter

Vortex Rok Shifter 125cc Shifter Engine

Rok Shifter was born to meet the needs of many drivers who want to compete in a category with the gearbox, but always according to the Rok philosophy: low costs and steady regulations over the time.

The engine has the following features: single-cylinder 2 stroke engine with 6-speed gearbox with front clutch system, displacement 125 cc, 4 reed valve intake in the crankcase. Liquid-cooled through external pump (not supplied in the kit).

The engine comes in a complete kit with Dell'Orto VHSH 30 mm carburettor, Dell"Orto fuel pump, Arrow in- take silencer, moulded exhaust and exhaust silencer. Ready for a power of 43 HP, the Rok Shifter is the engine that provides the best combination of performance and operating costs.

***Features & Spec***

Cooling System: Liquid-cooled through external water pump(***water pump, radiator and hoses are not included in engine package***)
Exhaust: Oval exhaust and 2 boosters
Bearings:Radial bearing C4
Bore and stroke: 54mm x 54.5 mm
Max Power: 43HP @ 13,900Rpm
Max Torque: 14,000Rpm
Ignition: PVL analogical ignition
Carburettor: Dell'Orto VHSH 30mm
Silencer:Arrow intake silencer
Fuel Pump:Dell'Orto
Exhaust: Shifter Rok moulded exhaust

Front clutch six-speed gearbox system
Dry clutch
Cast iron made cylinder CNC worked
3/3 transfer ducts intake
Exhaust silencer ROK in aluminium
Magnesium engine mount

  • Model: ROK SHIFTER
  • Shipping Weight: 75lbs
  • Manufactured by: Vortex Engines
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