NGK BR 8/9/10 EG Spark Plugs


 NGK EG Spark Plugs   (Quantity Discount on orders of 4+)

To withstand the severe conditions that occur in racing engines, NGK Racing Spark Plugs feature electrode materials and configurations as follows:
  • Electrode materials - Many use precious metals such as platinum or gold/palladium for greater durability and lower voltage requirements.
  • Electrode configurations - Fine-wire center electrodes provide better sparking and enhanced ignitability. Fine-wire ground electrodes further improve the ignitability of the plug.
  • Insulator configurations - Special configurations are used for the insulator noses to improve throttle response. 

    The EG model can be used in almost any kart engine on the market. (CR125, TAG motors, ICC's, etc.)
The number in the spark plug stands for the temperature. You use a hotter plug in cooler conditions and cooler plug in warmer conditions. When you go from a cooler to hotter plug you are leaning out the motor slightly.

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