Mychron 3 / 4 & 5 CHT Sensor One piece

MyChron Temperature Sensors
You have a choice of 3 sensors:  H20 (water), CHT (cylinder head), and EGT (exhaust gas).

If you have a water cooled motor the most widely used and important temperature sensor would be the H20. This sensor is a 14mm thread. Most TAG motors comes with a fitting in the head. If your motor does not you can purchase a Water Fitting that you place in your radiator hose lines.

If you have an air cooled motor than you would want to use a CHT sensor. This sensor gets placed under the spark plug. It comes in 14mm or 10mm.

An EGT sensor can be used with either water cooled or air cooled motors and gathers the air/fuel ratio. It can assist you in tuning the engine or jetting. This sensor will need to be installed in your exhaust pipe.

The EGT and H20 do require an extension cable. The H20 cable comes in the yellow style and black style. The CHT is sold as 1 complete cable. 
These sensors are compatible with the My Chron 3 /4& 5
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