IAME KA100 Engine Package


KA100 Engine Package

The KA100 is a user-friendly, 22HP, complete engine package with a simple ignition system, fixed pipe, machined Tillotson carb, and an onboard push button starter. The IAME KA100 includes many of the parts utilized in the popular IAME X30 engine, and also uses the IAME Mini Swift coil and ignition. IAME USA has added this offering for North America to provide a more economical solution to high performance two cycle racing.
Technical Information:
Model: Reedjet KA100  Clubman 
Engine Type: Single cylinder  2 stroke 
Bore: Ø 48,20mm Max Bore: Ø 48,53mm Stroke: 54,00mm
Displacement: 98,53cc 
Ports: 2 
Inlet System: Reed Valve Lubrication: Oil mixture
Ignition System: Analogic with adjustable timing 
Transmission: Centrifugal Dry Clutch
Cooling System: Air 
Starter: Electric 
Carb. Model: Tillston HW 33A 
Max Power: 22 Hp 
Max Torque: 15 Nm 
Note: Kit does not include a Battery, Motor Mount, and Exhaust Mount
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