Hose Support & Overflow Clips AF Radiator


Hose Support Clips AF Radiator

The AF Radiator hose support clips have been developed by our team starting from a new idea.

The AF Radiator clips in fact take advantage of a new way of fixing the tubes on the back of the seat, guaranteeing stability and ease of work.

Performing maintenance on the cooling system and engine has never been easier.

Even their assembly is smart; in fact, just one hole in the seat is enough and you will no longer need tons of plastic clamps with a considerable saving of time during maintenance or replacement of other parts and also less weight on your Go Kart.

Finally, the clips perfectly match the AF Radiator silicone hoses and the radiator water or engine oil recovery bottles always signed by AF Radiator.

The AF Radiator hose support clips are available in four different colors to personalize your Go Kart according to your tastes.

The clips are available in the colors: black, yellow, red and blue.

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