Douglas Vented Magnesium Wheel Pair (2 wheels)


width="77" height="78" border="0" /> Douglas M-Series Vented  Magnesium Wheels

Auto racing has been using magnesium technology to achieve greater performance for years. Douglas has applied there Portion-form technology to there high pressure magnesium cast process to create incredibly strong, light-weight wheels that enable you to manage heat, tire wear, grip and handling through specific wheel selection.

DWT M-Series kart wheels offer every advantage you would expect from premium magnesium race wheels and more, but at a price that's affordable.
  • Magnesium alloy with higher impact strength
  • Super user friendly tire mounting
  • Bead screws installed
  • Exceeds all CIK design standards
  • Includes lock nuts & washers
  • Euro 3/58 mm  bolt pattern
  • 130 /132 / 180 / 210 mm width
  • DSM  17mm  D= Direct Spindle Mount with 17mm wheel bearings.
  • V= Vented   3/58mm bolt Pattern
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