CRG Black Wheel Chassis


CRG Black Wheel Chassis
The frame design is similar to a Road Rebel but with a slimmer waste.
 Standard Features:

  • 32mm frame rail
  • 23/CH/20 Homologation
  • Axle: 50mm
  • Rear Bearings: 3
  • Brakes: KF Ven09 Cast Iron, KZ Ven10 Cast Iron
  • Vented Brake Rotors
  • Floating Rotors
  • Braided brake lines
  • Quick release 8,5 lt. fuel tank
  • Sniper Infinite Adjustable castor/camber
  • 5" magnesium wheel w/beadlocks
  • Front and rear ride height adjustable
  • CRG New Age Bodywork for great aerodynamics and good airflow to brakes and radiator.
  • CIK KG Plastic Rear Bumper
  • Fiberglass Seat

Special Design Features:

  • Black anodized components and  Laser etched CRG logo on components
  • Flat top carbon look embroidered steering wheel
  • Sliding front wheel hubs
  • Factory CRG decal kit
  • Floor tray decal kit

Optional Accessories:

  • Front and Rear Torsion Bars
  • Duralcan Brakes (Ceramic)


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