#219 RK Blue O-Ring Chain

RK O-Ring

#219 RK Blue O-Ring Chain
* O-Ring sealed pins retain the lubricant much longer than standard chain. O-Ring chain does rob some horsepower as it is consumed by sidebar pivot on the O-Rings
* Great for long endurance races or road racing
* Comes 106L, 108L, 110L,112L,114L
* Note: cannot use standard breaker to change link size
* All RK chains are pre-stressed and pre-stretched to ensure equal load distribution and minimal maintenance. They're made of the highest-grade medium carbon alloy steel available, with all components shot-peened and heat treated. All RK O-ring seals are made from an advanced Nitrile Butadiene composite for maximum performance and wearlife. Tested to be 4% more efficient than alternatives above 6,000 revs. Non-stretch - extended life. RK Chain has been used all over the world by many of the top karting teams including CRG, Tony Kart, Birel and was used by the 80% of teams at last years CIK World Championships including the race winners. Sizes 106-114L

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