1999 Honda CR 125 Stock Moto Kart Engine

1999 SPEC 125

In Stock 99 Honda Cr 125 engine spec shifter go kart motor. This 99 Cr125 6 speed transmission Honda motor is built from a kit motor to our exacting standards comes with hand fit Power valves plugged and matched & blended to the exhaust port / Slip-fitted and trued CR125 Crank Rod checked for straightness and corrected if needed / Cylinder Base is spot faced to correct angle / Power valve actuator rod hole plugged / Kick starter plugged / ready for your combination /Swedetech CDI Holder is included With all The Stock electronics / cdi / ign box / coil . Sharkshifter 4 O-ring Exhaust manifold / Alum coil bracket / Ignition side cover is also included.Sharkshifter Power valve cover set. Skusa Special Reeds with stiffeners. You will not find a better package anywhere We also carry motor mounts ,pipes , silencers, carburetors,fuel pumps,sprockets ,chains ,etc any thing you might need . In stock & ready for delivery

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